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Love Letters, Sources

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Species’ Notes

Franklin’s Bumblebee,

Wyoming Toad,

Florida Panther,

Staghorn Coral,

Bowhead Whale,

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White-Bellied Heron,

Blue-tailed Skink,

Scimatar Oryx,

Hooded Grebe,

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Apparition Orchid,

Forest Gardenia,


Mexican Grey Wolf,

Artists, Images, Audio


Byars, James Lee, The Perfect Love Letter is I Write I Love You Backward in the Air, ©James Lee Byars, 1974,

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Dine Sand Painting:

Forman, Zaria,

Hesse, Eva,


Long, Richard,

Prince of Wales Commemorative Handkerchief

Tibetan Sand Painting Dispersal Ceremony,

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0,


World Map, Hammer Projection,

Zhou, Shen, Turtledove Calling for Rain,

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