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The Ghost of Morris Graves

three collages from

The Ghost of Morris Graves project, 2013

During the summer of 2013 I was extended the honor of a two-week residency at the Morris Graves Foundation in Loleto, California. The foundation is situated on the 300-acre compound where Graves had lived and worked until his passing in 2001. For each residency, an artist or writer is the single occupant of Graves' former studio with access to his former home and library. It is a rare privilege in a spectacular lakeside setting, with meandering pathways through the surrounding wooded landscape.

          For each day of my two-week seclusion, where all cellular and internet access had been surrendered, I maintained a daily journal. Each day I identified a subtle ambient occurrence and made a series of drawings, watercolors and collages in response. The above image presents a composite of several of those works.


          Click HERE for a PDF version of my collected journal entries with artwork reproductions, The Ghost of Morris Graves.

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