songs with birds



mourning dove
broad-tailed humming bird
black-throated sparrow
Arizona cardinal
canyon towhee
black-throated warbler
red-tailed hawk
cactus wren
common raven




 One bright day as I was walking, I came upon a yellow chair.  A place for me to sit I thought.  And so I sat, and feeling a bit wistful I began to sing a few songs -- love songs.  I imagined then a chorus of birds and a few cicadas and crickets joining me in my lament, as the songs of longing and loss are timeless, timely, and interspecies.  The bird songs you hear are of those listed above.  They dwell in the southwestern sector of North America among other places.  The percentages correspond to decline or growth of their populations in that locale between 1967 and 2008, according to the Audubon Society of Tucson, Arizona.         


audio composition:
Jesse Gould / Valerie Constantino


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