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 ...metaphor, in its turn, is just a way of becoming part of the continual weaving

of connections that takes place at the heart of living...               - Julia Kristeva

Deference, photomontage, 2015

My creative work stems from my seminal studies in textile art and contemporary hybrid art forms. An appreciation for the meticulous qualities of textile inspires my experimentation with process and time-determined practices including installation, performance and writing. Subsequent research on the broad subject of materiality, particularly as it implies and illuminates the unpredictable qualities of life, is at the heart of my ongoing artistic pursuits.

         The continual weaving of media, method, concept and commentary in my work is at once philosophically founded, as it advances alternative disciplinary crossings. Recent projects extend these sensibilities, where ecological and societal systems are fluid, and the earth and its inhabitants are susceptible. In response to our most critical observations, the interdisciplinary study of materiality is an apt poetic agent, ever expressive of global flux and the migratory nature of being.

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