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 ...metaphor, in its turn, is just a way of becoming part of the continual weaving

of connections that takes place at the heart of living...               - Julia Kristeva

Deference, photomontage, 2015

My work develops across a terrain of material investigations and experiences of everyday life. Seminal studies in textiles and contemporary fiber art engendered my interest in the subject of materiality and the elemental qualities of being. I began then, to comprehend matter as mutable and as such, emblematic of the ephemeral, unpredictable nature of life as it is lived.    

          Various pathways emerged from this central impulse, where matter in its myriad forms and responses to worldly phenomena are stories to be told.  An appreciation for the meticulous qualities of textile art led to experimentation with process and time determined practices including collage, assemblage, video, performance and writing.  Correlating research concerning the physical world and its workings, illuminated as well the palpable, malleable intersections of time and matter.          

          Recent work continues to track the fluidity of ecological and societal systems in relation to the physical and metaphysical susceptibilities of the earth and its inhabitants.  As art itself remains a vital yet variable occurrence, the interdisciplinary study of materiality is an apt poetic agent relative to global flux and the migratory nature of my own being.

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