This series-in-progress developed from my exploratory fusion of handmade paper and writing. In tandem with the materially rich process of making paper, individual words are perceived as creative elements, as design motifs, and as resonant utterances and signs.         
     Each Signpost begins with a 3.5 x 5-inch handmade paper. Each paper is embossed in un-contracted Braille and inscribed in lower case text with a communally relevant word. These papers are then placed innocuously and temporarily in public locations and photographed in situ. They are left in place, that passersby may notice, read, retrieve and / or discard them.         

     Many, though not all of these installations have taken place within my immediate locale in familiar public spaces. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I’d been intent on expanding the project beyond my region. Only now, as I shelter in place, I am devising ways to continue within the confines of home.

     Signposts is an ongoing project presented as a series of mnemonics, emphasizing and supporting our best public and personal determinations. Included here is a selection of this activity to date.