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Salt Drawings


Because there are no fish, I notice instead the dancing glints on the water,
the red and yellow and golden glints and shimmers that jump and hop their way
towards the shore, fading into the white foam or ebb into the light pink shore of bones.


-- Janice Lee                         
Entropy Magazine                         

These Salt Drawings embody the salt-to-water ratios of the Salton Sea (Salt Drawing 1, on the left) and the

Pacific Ocean (Salt Drawing 2, on the right). Saline formulae used for their making were based upon recent data for each body of water. The horizontal patterns of salt crystals are the result of the seepage and subsequent evaporation of the salt water on rice paper.

Historically, this inland lake has provided sustenance for more than four-hundred species of migratory

and resident birds. In addition to harmful salt and mineral levels, industrial and agricultural pollutants and bacterial

proliferation jeopardize this critical habitat and all species whose survival depends upon it.

The comparable design and salt densities as evidenced in the drawings, underscore our concern.

*These drawings and the field and academic research that inspired their creation
were part of the Instinct Extinct project, information for which can be found HERE

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